5 Simple Tips 100% Guaranteed to Improve Your Dog’s Life

1. It is a simple fact that what you put into your dog is reflected in how they look, act and feel. Getting the right balance of nutrients is not entirely simple and depends on a seemingly endless amount of variables such as breed, activity level, age and medical condition. As a responsible dog owner, you owe it to your pet to ensure their diet is perfectly matched to their lifestyle, igaming marketing age and activity level. Many dog owners simply select a food and stick with it, never trying anything different and refusing to change even as the dog’s lifestyle changes.

2. Tooth decay and diseased gums produce bacteria that get into the animal’s bloodstream. It can result in problems to any of their organs but in particular, the valves in the animal’s heart can be damaged. Kidneys are also very vulnerable and this could be one of the major killers of older dogs. Brushing your dog’s teeth every day bitpapa helps to prevent this. Don’t use human toothpaste but entice your pet with the beef or chicken flavoured varies because you need to keep your dog’s teeth clean for more reasons than ‘the dog-breath issue’

3. Dogs like to play all types of games and have loads of energy to burn off. It’s important though that your dog learns to calm down and “chill out” as much as how to burn off energy. Otherwise they get stressed with the constant anticipation and over excitement. So, teach your dog the equivalent to sitting down and having a cup of tea by putting a command on quiet and relaxing times. This tip comes straight from Anne O’Brien, Head of Rehabilitation at the world famous Battersea Dogs Home – so you know it’s got to have legs! furzly

4. Insure your pet. Simple. Do your research on policies by all means but don’t consider insurance as an optional or luxury extra. Unless you don’t think your dog is worth more to you than your car, you should insure every year, without fail. There are too many dog owners who are so incredibly thankful for the fact that they insured their pet and, sadly, moneyrule even more who are left to bitterly regret the fact that they didn’t for this tip to go ignored.

5. Learn as much as you can about the dog you own. Whether you own a Pedigree Poodle or a rescued ‘bits n pieces’ dog. Learn what you can about the breed, learn what you can about parents (if possible), spicecinemas learn what you can about known health problems within the breed, known health problems within the family line and so on. A little acquired knowledge and the dog you share your life with can go a long way to you having a happier co-existence. So, literally right now, set yourself the task of trying to learn something new about your dog/breed every week. It’s fun, interesting and you can most certainly bore your friends with your newly acquired expert knowledge!

Bonus Tip!

A fat dog is a less healthy, less happy dog. A seriously fat dog will undoubtedly die as a result of their weight. Owners need to take responsibility for the health of their pets, regardless of how they lead their own lives. Always keep a close eye on your dog’s weight, baebed it can and will help them to live longer.

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