Five Ways to Get Better Search Engine Results

Search Engine Optimization isn’t as hard as you might think.

If you’re competing for top terms, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, but success is still within your reach. Often times top results aren’t held by giant corporations with thousands in advertising budgets. A lot of times, its a small company or one man show at the top. So how do you get up there? techpiled

1. Content Content Content!

This rule is number one for a reason. It’s the most important. All the “optimizing” in the world isn’t going to get you to the top, and if it does, you won’t stay there. What you really need to focus on is creating reasons for your visitors to come back. Give them free stuff, advice, articles, or tools. There is no limit to what you can come up with a little creativity. Make it interesting, original, and useful. Your site will sell itself soon.

2. Clean up your code.

You can have two separate pages that look exactly the same in the browser, but completely different under the hood. Learn html, and learn how to do it well. Learn everything you can about standards compliance, w3c rules, table less designs and web semantics. All of these things will enable crawlers to go through your site better, and find your content better. This step alone makes a giant difference. realisticmag

3. Utilize forums to your advantage.

Forums and message boards are a great way to get the word out about your site. This adds several dimensions to your promotional strategy. First off links in your signature count as backlinks in search engines. Any links you post there will add up, and if it’s a large forum you can also get some traffic that way. Also, you are getting your name out there, and branding your site. The more friendly and helpful you are to others, the more they will associate that with your site. Many large sites have started from people who were popular on message-boards. Also, this provides excellent networking opportunities. urbanclutch

4. Get high tech.

The only thing stopping you from having really cool stuff on your website is you. You can learn HTML, php, asp, javascript and more free online. All it takes is some dedication and a few hours here and there to take tutorials and learn. If you polish your skills enough, you can learn how to build all the neat features you see on other websites, or create your own. Get good enough, and you will be able to build anything you think of. There are lots of free tutorials and message-boards that will help you learn to succeed! You dont have to spend a dime. thekayelist

5. Get backlinks.

Submit to every free link directory you can think of. Run a blog? There are only thousands of blog directories on the internet. As I mentioned before, put links in your forum signatures. Submit to every search engine you can ever think of. Also, setting up link exchanges with other sites works well too. Also, adding as much content as you can pile on will get people linking in. A few links here and there for every new page or article will add up over time. Eventually, you’ll become an authority and enjoy higher rankings, and more traffic!


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