Orange Bouquets For Autumn Weddings

Orange is one of the signature colors of the fall season. The rich, fiery hue makes an excellent choice for the wedding flowers, and combines beautifully with many other seasonal colors, 7mgg such as brown, golden yellow, and russet red. These are some ideas for gorgeous orange bouquets for autumn weddings.

There are certain flowers which simply say “fall is here!”. Among them are mums, asters, and zinnias. For a magnificent burst of color, use brilliant zinnias in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow – all one single blossom! They combine marvelously with mums in rusty orange hues, both the pom-pom and daisy varieties of mums. If you wish to break up the intense colors just a touch, manguerose add in some stems of white asters. The finished bouquets will have captured the essence of fall, and would be perfect for a rustic barn wedding. Tie them with raffia ribbon for a natural effect. They would look fantastic with textured bridesmaid dresses, such as a straw colored shantung or mocha dupioni. Add bridesmaid jewelry gifts in bronze crystals or pearls to complete the look.

Autumn bouquets can also be very sophisticated. Rich shades of orange orchids would be striking for an upscale fall celebration. From the subtle tint of orange dendrobium orchids to the vibrance of mokara orchids to exotic cattleyas, there are a huge number or varieties which are available in shades of orange. Shades of cream combine beautifully with creamsicle tinted orchids. Accents of light green would be a nice contrast to the warm orange tones. A dramatic cascade of orchids blossoms would be stunning for a black tie wedding, roomidea while a smaller clutch of blooms would be chic and sophisticated. Imagine how striking the bride and her attendants would look carrying these impressive bouquets! They would be an excellent choice with fashion forward dresses; custom bridesmaid jewelry would be great gifts to round out the ensembles.

If you are a traditionalist, consider timeless bouquets of roses in hues such as coral, vivid orange, or rust. Orange roses symbolize passion and enthusiasm, which makes them a fantastic wedding flower. Roses always look elegant when arranged in the traditional round nosegay shape. This classic style of bouquet is equally appropriate for day or evening weddings, spaice which makes it as versatile as it is beautiful. Accents such as russet red hypericum berries or clear crystals are a nice touch when you want to layer in another element with the roses.

A very sophisticated blossom for an orange wedding bouquet is the mini calla lily. They come in stunning shades like mango, copper, apricot, brick, and a rich glowing orange. Many of the varieties are variegated, with several shades on each individual blossom. Bundle a round bouquet of mini calla lilies for bridal flowers which are simple in form, yet ultra-stylish. The mini calla lilies can also be used to create dramatic mixed bouquets with accent colors such as golden yellow and a deep, deep burgundy. Add seasonal extras such as hanging Chinese lantern pods to create unforgettable bouquets for your autumn wedding.


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