How to Invest in Rare Coins

Coin investments can be very profitable if done correctly. If done carelessly, they can easily become financial disasters. I know that not everybody has the money to buy an 1804 Silver Dollar, askanadviser or a 1933 Gold Double Eagle Proof. So, this guide was written for the working class investor. With the aid of this guide, even the working class citizen can retire comfortably. There are only three elements to this system. This system has been used by many investors to create millions. Just follow the system to the very last detail and you will be sitting on a gold mine even before your retirement age!

The first step of this investment strategy is to buy scarce coins in high grades. This is not as easy as it sounds because there are many coins out there with a low population. So, it is best to only select key dates and semi key dates. Most, (but not all) key dates/semi key dates can be recognized by looking at their book values in “good” grade. They are always many times more valuable then all other coins within their series.

Once you find the coin, you must try to buy the highest grade you can afford. The best part about key dates is that the lower grades also appreciate in value over time. This does not happen with common date coins. So if you can’t buy premium grades, then just try to buy the highest grade you can afford. Don’t worry if you end up buying extremely low grades. The lower grades also have potential.

The last part of this strategy is to wait. You will continually buy coins on a regular basis. But, these coins require a lot of time to appreciate in value. Do expect to wait 5 to 15 years for your coins to go up in value. Coins go up in value on an “as needed” basis. But, it will take a couple of years for it to double or triple in value. That’s because coins go up in value in larger amounts of money as the coins become more valuable. For more info please visit these sites:-

As you are buying coins, you have to take a couple precautions to make sure you don’t run into trouble. The first is to only buy slabbed coins. So the coins you buy have to be certified either by PCGS or NGC. The second precaution is to beware of common date coins in high grades. They can easily show a population of 1 or 2 coins, but it doesn’t mean that they are rare. It’s because nobody wants to grade worthless coins. I’m pretty sure that their population can easily increase if collectors started grading all their common coins. And lastly, never buy common date or better date gold coins when gold is high in value. Their market values depend mostly or solely on the value of gold. Once gold goes down in value, so do your gold coins.


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