How to Play Tennis Like a Pro – 10 Tips to Become the Next Federer Or Nadal

If you want to play like a pro and become the next Federer or Nadal follow these tips. Hard work and dedication are certainly a prerequisite to get to that level.

Here are my 10 tips to play like a pro.

1. Get in tremendous shape. Tennis is a very physical sport and matches in Grand Slam tournaments can go for 5 hours and sometimes more. Tennis requires quickness of foot, mycarscent flexibility, and strength. The movements and training are more suited to an Olympic sprinter rather than a distance runner. Tennis players need to move really fast in 4 yard sprints. Plyometrics, akunprorusia explosive training, and fast twitch muscle exercises are preferred to running a mile at a time or aerobic conditioning. Quick sprints and changing directions with cones on the court are good exercises. Flexibility exercises are essential. Yoga is excellent. Federer has remained mostly injury free in that he utilizes a lot of stretching in his regular training. Kettle bell training is great in that you gain flexibility as well as strength. semar128

2. Eat right and get plenty of sleep. A well nourished and rested tennis player is going to have a big advantage over an undisciplined athlete. Do research and also experiment and see which foods seem to help your body respond to the demands of playing at a world class level. Do not follow fat diets or eliminate certain foods such as a no carb diet. Carbs are needed for energy as well as some fat. The thing to do is to have balance with your diet and to have a diary or log and track your results of eating certain things and ascertain if those foods are giving you performance gains. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep studies have shown that performance suffers greatly with lack of sleep. verduurzamendeurne

3. Develop an all court game. Roger Federer may have the most complete game that tennis has ever known. He can hit every shot in the book. Rafael Nadal had to develop his attacking game and a bigger serve to win at Wimbledon. Don’t be a one dimensional tennis player. Practice hitting approach shots, spintenniscoach volleys, overheads, hitting with backspin, taking the pace off the ball, etc. Try to learn to hit as many shots as you can.

4. Learn to compete. Play tournaments as soon as you have the ability to do so. Nothing will prepare you for pressure like the real thing. Good practice to prepare yourself in tournaments is to practice playing tiebreakers, or practice playing from behind. Start a session by pretending that you losing 4-1 and try to fight back and win the set. antminet

5. Learn to practice correctly. Don’t just hit balls back and forth and rally. Good drills on the court simulate real playing conditions. Hit balls in 2-6 ball sequences. There are endless combinations which could include side to side drills, 3 cross court forehands and then hit an inside/out forehand, groundstroke-approach shot- volley-overhead, serve-groundstroke-approach volley-overhead, serve-volley-overhead, return of serve-then run wide and hit a passing shot, etc. ufa88myanmar

Think of combinations that occur on the court and practice these sequences.

6. Work on your footwork. The best players in the world move the most efficiently. They take small steps to the ball at times and also big steps to cover ground when necessary. Practice cross over steps when you recover for wide shots, carioca steps on your backhand approach shots, split steps, side steps, hops steps, etc. Study the best players in the world and watch how they move. Develop your footwork so that you are efficient and can hit well even though you may be off balance. Rarely do you have all the time in the world to hit the ball and have it come right to you so why should practice that? crosstrainer-kaufen

7. Work on your serve daily. The serve is the most important part of the game yet most recreational players do not practice it often enough. Practice hitting second and first serves. Practice hitting a ground stroke after you serve to work on your recovery steps. Practice serve and volley drills. Nadal’s biggest improvement that led him to win his first US Open was his serve. askanadviser

8. Practice the return of serve. This is the most neglected part of the game at nearly every level. Hit every variety of return imaginable including low backspin returns, soft returns with little pace on them and also hard returns for winners. A good way to practice the return of serve is to have your partner stand at the service line and hit serves to you. Since he/she is closer to the net you will have to react much quicker than if they served at the baseline.

9. Get a coach and or a trainer. At the highest level of athletics every performer has a coach. Find a coach that has a lot of experience especially with training tournament players. A good coach will help you with strategy as well as stroke production. The best players all have coaches. Find one with the philosophy that coincides with yours and one who is not set in his/her ways. Great coaches are always learning and the best are not afraid to keep trying new ideas and techniques so that they grow. sgmytrips

10. Have an open mind and keep learning. Experiment and continually try new things. Work on your weaknesses and maintain your strengths. If you are a base line player work on your mid court game and volleys. If you are a big serve and volleyer work on your ground strokes. If you hit a lot of topspin then work on hitting it flatter or change it up with backspin.

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