Breaking Bad News

Communicating bad news can be very difficult, optoki but there are ways to help make the process easier.  It is important for those involved in elder care to know how to deliver bad news to senior citizens so that they can handle the news in the best possible way. Prepare yourself with what you would like to say and all the information you need to tell the senior citizen before meeting with them.

When you have fully prepared for the meeting use the following suggestions to help you communicate effectively.   Avoid sounding monotone or like your delivering a monologue, but be straightforward.  Be sincere and compassionate.  You may start by saying: newsheater

  • “I feel bad to have to tell you…”
  • “I am afraid I have bad news to tell you…”
  • “I wish the news were different…”

Genuinely share your sadness with the senior citizen while also sharing with him or her that you are there to help. You may respond by saying:

  • “I know this must be difficult for you…”
  • “I will be here anyway I can…”

Be sure to give the senior the time he or she needs and privacy to let the news soak in, individually or with others. The senior may react with surprise, anger, denial, disbelief, guilt, despair or sorrow.  Some seniors may need to be alone order to handle the bad news.  It is important to remember that people react to unpleasant vpxco or shocking news in different ways and will consequently have different ways of grieving, so compassion and patience is key.

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