How to Kiss a Guy Passionately! Here Are the Tricks to Kiss a Guy Passionately & Impress Him Fast

Passion is that burning desire or emotion that one can hardly contain. It is the moving force behind most artists and scientists — they are passionate about their work. It is also the flame that heats up a romantic encounter.

Kissing a guy, especially if it’s the first time, can be overwhelming, tossncook you want it to be just perfect, something worthy of a romance novel. But how is it done?

Passion cannot really be forced

You need to remember that you cannot put up an act when you are kissing a guy. Even if you read the entire how-to’s in kissing a guy passionately, zmiiv if you are going about it by the numbers, then it will come out like a connect-the-dot puzzle.

Be the most desirable siren

If you’re going to have a passionate kiss with a guy, then by all means, hoodpay pay attention to your personal hygiene. Make sure that you are clean and that you smell really good. Strong perfumes won’t make him move closer, though, but a soft alluring scent would make him want to. A really nice minty breath and clean teeth are a requirement, too.

Be irresistibly flirty

Build up your man’s desire by working rnkhabri on your body language. The slightest tilt of your head and the tiniest smile played along the corner of your lips can send tingles up his spine. Look at him in the eyes for most of the pre-kiss moment and every once in a while, glance at his lips.

Be in that perfect place at a perfect time

Being in a crowded grocery store wouldn’t cut it. You would be too self-conscious to let your desires flow out.

Let it flow

Once the setting had been established and both of you can’t contain yourselves any longer, then let your desire flow. Don’t pour out your passion like a big bucket of water, Rare movies on DVD instead let it ooze out like honey.
Don’t be rigid.

The moment your lips touch, let your instincts take over (without losing your control over it). Close your eyes and feel the moment, let go of all inhibitions. Respond to his body movements. Let your hands crawl on his shoulders and nape.

Let go gently before it fizzles out

Timing is important here. Breaking off the kiss gently before it gets any further (but not too soon either) will keep both your desires high. Don’t give him everything and he will keep begging for more.


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