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It appears that the readers of online articles enjoy rating the articles they read. They either rate them based on the quality of writing, linkography or more often than not, whether they agree with the author of the article; and if not the article gets a low-star rating. If the author politically agrees with the reader’s point of view, they get an “A” or a five-star rating. This makes for fun participation and interactive internet surfing.

Now then, clickography what about the author himself, shouldn’t the reader know if the author is real, or if the article was written by a software program? Oh, you didn’t know about that. Well, there is now AI Artificially Intelligent Software that writers, re-writers, or creates derivative work of previously published material, or an author writes ten articles and “spins” it with the software, webmash switching up the sentences and paragraphs to create 100-articles.

Yes, yuk, I thought so too, but did you know that if you are an article reader online you’ve already read this sort of stuff, and usually you can tell, editorspick because most of these articles are pretty bad. So, in this case wouldn’t it be nice to see that an online directory website had its editors rate each author? You see, I’ve been thinking about this concept, ever since a top “real human” article writer, Rebecca, made mention of the idea.

Indeed, stardirectory the hardship would be trying to determine the metric to use. My thoughts are if it was a number of components that went into it, it would not discriminate those who are foreign writers, which are still learning English but working really hard to do it right. Since the list of where these articles come from is highly dispersed around the globe. It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to work that issue out. wiredsites

The editors of the top online directory sites could decide after the first fifty articles an author posted, otherwise the author would simply have a no-rating yet. And once rated the author could softwareglimpse re-apply for a new rating based on the following 100 articles if they wanted too, with the chance to be upgraded or even unfortunately downgraded.

Now some would say that is all nice and wonderful, gotolinks however the reality is that it is the titles that bring people into the directory sites from the search engines so, in reality even if an author was low-rated, they still brought the reader in, and if the writer was too low-rated then the reader would click-out sooner? Another issue, an unfortunate one, is that Good Titles with bad articles actually produce more income in AdSense revenue at times for the directory sites.

This is because the reader didn’t find what they were looking for so they click on an Ad to leave or click on a catchy AdSense Ad title. Thus, linkjuicedirectory revenue is generated either way. Of course, this is a problem because that reader may never come back to that particular directory service to read a good article in the future if they recognize the site to have crappy articles.

The rating system that Rebecca proposes by the Editors of any particular articles directory web site might cause many less-than-decent authors to not participate, reputedsites which is a good thing, as they detract from the site’s reputation. Any thoughts are appreciated; indeed, I think this is an interesting concept.


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